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American Rescue Plan

The City of Youngstown has received $82.7 million from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) and has appointed a special review committee to recommend priorities for investing these funds to make a long-lasting impact on the city. The committee includes two City Council members, several City department leaders and two independent community foundation leaders.

The City has received more than 100 proposals that collectively request more than $300 million in ARP funds. The committee was charged with reviewing these proposals and providing recommendations based on:

  • Input provided by the community during a series of public meetings during 2021.
  • Requests and guidance from city government departments.
  • ARP fund distribution guidelines.

Initial City priorities are eliminating blight by demolishing at least 500 vacant homes, improving housing quality for residents, cleaning up commercial corridors, increasing fresh food access for residents, improving transit accessibility, investing in parks and City youth, and stabilizing the City budget.

Refer to the following documents and resources for more information.

Current Funds Allocation

Public Notices

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